Srila Prabhupada Vyasa puja offering

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Offering prostrate obeisance to you, Srila Prabhupada, my eternal guide, preceptor and master, I offer also these heartfelt words on the occasion of your appearance celebration as Sri Vyasadeva’s very dear spiritual descendent and representative.
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Online sangha: Dialogical Vaishnavism (part 8)

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Wieści z terenu – Nr #15 – 11 czerwiec 2020

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Idea dialogicznego Vaisnavismu jest nieco nietypowa, choć nie powinna. “Dialogiczny” zakłada dialog. Oznacza conajmniej dwie osoby rozmawiające ze sobą. Wtedy mamy rozmowę. Dialog oznacza wymianę, podczas gdy wielbiciele myślą, że jest to ulica jednokierunkowa. Rozdajemy łaskę. Nauczamy, dajemy. Jest to dobry pomysł, aby dawać, ale od Rupy Goswamiego słyszymy również o otrzymywaniu.
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Online sangha: Dialogical Vaishnavism (part 7)

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Número #15 – 11 de julio de 2020

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La idea del Vaishnavismo dialógico es un poco estraña, desafortunadamente, aunque no debería de ser así. “Dialógico” significa tener un diálogo. Dialogar significa que existen al menos dos personas que se hablan uno al otro. Existe una conversación. Dialogar es un ida y vuelta, pero los devotos a veces piensan que se trata de un carril de un sólo sentido. Que damos la misericordia. Nosotros predicamos la misión, nosotros damos. Esta es una idea linda, pero también escuchamos a cerca de recibir, de Rupa Goswami.
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Field Notes Issue #15 – July 11th, 2020

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The idea of Dialogical Vaishnavism is a little bit strange, unfortunately, although it should not be. “Dialogical” means having a dialogue. Dialogue means that you have at least two people and they speak with each other. There is a conversation. Dialogue is about back and forth, while sometimes devotees think we are in a one-way street. We give out the mercy. We are a preaching mission, we give. This is a nice idea, to give, but also, we hear about receiving, from Rupa Goswami.
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Co-authors: Tamal Krishna Goswami, University of Cambridge and
Kenneth Valpey (Krishna Kshetra Swami), University of Oxford

[Presented by Tamal Krishna Goswami in a panel of the American Academy of Religion meeting in Denver USA, 2001]

Since the demise of its charismatic founder in 1977, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has faced a growing institutional disaffection among its initiated membership. In outreach, if results are judged quantitatively, a slackening of missionary fervor has failed to attract new recruits to replenish the diminishing ranks of its full-time members. An official survey conducted in 1998 has found ISKCON’s underlying problems to be largely sociological.1 Rarely is the theology deemed suspect. It is regarded as sacrosanct, as if to tamper with it is to court disaster.

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Número #14 – 14 de junio de 2020

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La amistad es algo bueno. Cuando se ve entre los devotos, atrae a más devotos. Te contaré una bonita historia. No sé si es de la tradición cristiana o de la tradición judía, o es una combinación de ambas. Es una historia interreligiosa.
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